Global Clearing

AVM's operations team, headed by Mark Perry, has provided independent clearing and operational services to the III funds and other fixed income clients since 1983. This team of nine professionals has an average of 15 years with AVM and 23 years of industry experience.

In 2020, AVM cleared over $4.8 trillion of securities for the III funds and other clients. Additionally, it processed and confirmed approximately $3.1 trillion of derivatives securities, consisting of over 180,000 tickets.

To maintain control and efficiency, AVM has direct links to its New York clearing bank, and to many of the major clearing companies and exchanges. These connections are streamlined by our use of the latest vendor solutions and straight-through-processing systems, enabling us to minimize confirm turnarounds, money differences, and fails.

A partial list of our Clearing and Operational services includes:

  • T+0 confirmation of most transactions
  • Daily and monthly reports on all clearing activities and money movement for all accounts
  • Pre-confirmation of all settlements with client counterparties prior to settlement
  • Principal and interest tracking and reporting
  • Reconciliation with clearing agencies and exchanges