AVM Solutions, a division of AVM, L.P., serves large institutional investors with a suite of investment management tools, including collateral and financing management, administrative, and other back and middle office services.

AVM Solutions has serviced the III family of investment funds since 1983. In so doing, we have built a sophisticated and robust operating platform that is utilized by AVM clients, including public and private REITs, hedge funds, mortgage bankers, and pension funds worldwide.

There are several key differences between AVM Solutions and most prime brokerage-type alternatives:

  • AVM acts solely as agent or riskless principal - it maintains no securities inventory of its own
  • AVM has broader and deeper relationships with liquidity providers - AVM is a client of all primary dealers
  • AVM's systems and analytics were designed specifically for the buyside
  • AVM is a well-known specialist in the interest rate and credit markets - most prime brokers are equity specialists