Stability and long-term endurance are characteristic of AVM. Our consistently strong performance would not be possible without an uncommonly stable and committed team. AVM's unique culture emphasizes teamwork, diversity, excellence, and character and inevitably fosters success—not just in the immediate, but for the duration.


Our people share an unwavering dedication to AVM's goals, believing that while individual accomplishment is important—and each individual is certainly accomplished in his or her own right—still higher achievements are possible through supportive, mutually respectful teamwork. We encourage one another and openly share information.


Knowing that innovation can only truly flourish in an environment of diversity, AVM strives to attract people from many different backgrounds and perspectives. In fact, 21 different countries are currently represented in our firm. Because we encourage individuality and original thinking, we benefit from an exceptionally well-rounded pool of talent.


AVM places a premium on attracting and retaining truly exceptional people. Many hail from top-tier institutions such as The Wharton School, MIT, Cambridge, U.S. Naval Academy, Yale, and Harvard to name a few. And once they join AVM, they never stop learning. Continuous improvement, both personally and professionally, is essential to maintaining AVM's high standard of excellence.


Honesty and integrity are fundamental to AVM's culture at every level of our organization. We are fair competitors and handle confidential information with the utmost respect and discretion. As responsible corporate citizens and leaders, we are active in our communities and strive to make a positive difference, both locally and in the world at large.